Ultracomp H4000 SC 46

Ultracomp H4000 SC46 is a premium quality 4000 hour drain interval compressor lubricant formulated from carefully selected, highly refined group III base oils. The product utilises an advanced ashless additive system offering improved anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties providing ultimate protection and performance standards. The product exhibits outstanding oxidation stability coupled with low carbon forming tendencies on rotating components leading to improved operating efficiency and low oil consumption.

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Features & Applications

  • Outstanding oxidation resistance helps to maintain compressor efficiency

  • Manufactured from very highly refined group III base oils providing superior performance compared to conventional mineral oils

  • Suitable for extended drain intervals of up to 4000 hours reducing downtime and maintenance costs

  • Recommended for screw compressors operating in arduous conditions where standard mineral oils fail


  • Ultracomp H4000 SC 46 Technical Data Sheet240kb

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