Foodsafe Lubricants, Oils & Greases

Food Safe Lubricants, Greases & Oils

We offer a wide range of premium quality food safe lubricants that are primarily recommended for use in applications where incidental contact with food may occur. We supply a wide range of food related industries including; bakeries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants, canneries, animal feed plants and food packaging plants.

The purity of our foodsafe products mean they can be used in other industries where a colourless, odourless, non-toxic lubricant is required. The food safe lubricant range consists of; mineral and synthetic hydraulic oils, machine oils, synthetic gear oils, synthetic compressor oils, high temperature chain and conveyor lubricants and a range of premium performance food safe greases.

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Foodtech Ultragrease Extreme

Foodtech Ultragrease Extreme

Excellent high temperature performance extends component life and re-lubrication intervals

Foodtech Ultragrease Universal

Foodtech Ultragrease Universal

Suitable for multipurpose applications in areas where incidental contact with food may occur

Foodsafe Foodtech Ultratemp Chain & Conveyor Lube

Foodtech Ultratemp Chain & Conveyor Lube

Food grade high temperature chain and conveyor lubricant

Foodsafe Foodtech Vacuum Pump Oil

Foodtech Vacuum Pump Oil

Food grade vacuum pump lubricant

Foodsafe Foodtech Airlube Universal

Foodtech Airlube Universal

Food grade airline & air tool lubricant

Foodsafe Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46

Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46

Food grade synthetic compressor lubricant

Foodsafe Foodtech Geardrive Syn Oils

Foodtech Geardrive Syn Oils

Food grade synthetic heavy duty gear lubricants

Foodsafe Foodtech Hydrosyn Oils

Foodtech Hydrosyn Oils

Food grade synthetic hydraulic fluids

Foodsafe Foodtech Hydrosyn Oils

Foodtech Hydro Oils

Food grade mineral hydraulic fluids

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