Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46

Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46 is a premium quality foodsafe, food grade synthetic compressor oil designed for use in rotary air compressors. The product is manufactured for applications where incidental food contact may occur. Incorporating anti-wear, anti-corrosion and oxidation inhibiting additives to enhance performance, it is ideally suited to meet the needs of rotary air compressors used in and around food manufacturing and handling areas.

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Features & Applications

  • Outstanding oxidation resistance and reduced carbon deposit build ups

  • Suitable for extended drain intervals of up to 8000 hours

  • Recommended for use in application where incidental contact with food may occur


  • Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Foodtech Ultracomp Syn 46 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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