Lubrication Surveys & Product Rationalisation

Lubrication Surveys & Product Rationalisation

Our lubrication survey and product rationalisation service aims to reduce the number of lubricant grades used on site, without compromising lubrication efficiency, as well as minimising the risk of misapplication. With the introduction of lubrication points, colour coding systems and machine labelling, the results of the survey can also be integrated into your planned maintenance schedules accordingly. 

What is Included in Our Lubrication Surveys & Product Rationalisation Service?

Our service can lead to reduced stock inventory and in turn contribute to cost savings. Ensuring that the right lubricants are in use will protect machinery and prolong component life.

This service includes:


  • Rationalises the number of grades used on site
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination of grades
  • No compromise on lubrication efficiency
  • Can lead to reduced stock inventory
  • Using the correct lubricant helps to prolong component life


For further information about this service please call 0114 285 2987.

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants?

By choosing us to complete a lubrication survey on site, you’ll benefit from our technical knowledge, as well as a high quality product. Our team has years of technical experience in troubleshooting application problems, and recommending the best products to help lubrication efficiency, prolong component life and reduce stock inventory. 


By rationalising the products you use, there is the potential to reduce the risk of cross contamination and reduce stock inventory, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Lubrication Surveys & Product Rationalisation Service at Pennine Lubricants

Our lubrication survey and product rationalisation service aims to help you reduce the your stock inventory, which reduces the risk of miss-application, it also ensures you are using the correct lubricant for your application to help lubrication efficiency and prolong component life. 



What is Lubrication Survey?

A lubrication survey is a detailed report on what lubricant grades are used for each application. It aims to identify any potential problems and reduce the risk of future problems developing. 

What is Product Rationalisation?

Product rationalisation is when we aim to reduce the amount of lubricants used on site. By completing a lubrication survey, we are able to identify the correct lubricant for each application and reduce the amount of different grades used on site. As well as reducing your stock inventory, product rationalisation has many benefits, including; reducing the risk of cross contamination, prolonging tool life, and reduced costs across grades in use. 

Customer benefits

  • Rationalising the number of grades used on site
  • No compromise on lubrication efficiency
  • Can lead to reduced stock inventory
  • Correct lubricants help to prolong component life

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