Dipslide Test Services

Dipslide Test Services

If you are a metalworking fluid user, dipslide testing should form part of your routine coolant testing, to ensure your coolant is free from bacterial and fungal contamination.

We offer dipslide testing as part of our coolant monitoring service. Our engineer will visit you on a pre-agreed frequency, to conduct the dipslide tests and email the results to you, detailing any remedial actions needed, or return to complete them on site. 

If you would like more information on dipslide testing and how it can help you meet HSE recommendations, click the button below and get in touch.

What is Included in Our Dipslide Testing Service?

Dipslide testing metalworking fluids forms part of our coolant monitoring service, and is carried out by one of our PROCARE service engineers. 

Our dipslide testing service includes: 

  • On-site visit from a service engineer
  • Dipslide tests completed whilst on site
  • Dipslides incubated in our lab & checked for bacterial & fungal contamination
  • Results are emailed back to you with details on how to resolve any issues, or our engineers will return to site to complete the required remedial actions

To learn how to correctly use a diplside testing kit, take a read of our informative blog that walks you through each step by clicking here.

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants? 

By choosing us to conduct your dipslide testing, you’ll benefit from the help and advice of our knowledgeable Technical Service Engineers. Our team are able to troubleshoot problems whilst on site and help with any needed remedial actions. 

Dipslide testing forms part of our  coolant monitoring service and can help you meet the latest HSE recommendations, providing you with reporting on the health of your coolant across all of your machines.

Dipslide Testing at Pennine Lubricants

If you are a metalworking fluid user and would like more information on how dipslide testing can help you maintain the condition of your coolant, then get in touch. We have a technical team of experts who can offer advice on the best solution for your application.


What is a Dipslide Test?

A dipslide test is a reliable way to check for both bacterial and fungal contamination, which may be present in metalworking fluids. 

Regular dipslide testing forms part of our coolant monitoring service, and is conducted in accordance with HSE guidelines.

What are the Advantages of Dipslide Testing? 

The advantage of regular dipslide testing means you are ensuring your coolant is in a good condition. You are also helping to reduce the risk of health problems with machine operatives. 

It also means you are following guidance from the HSE for the safe handling of metalworking fluids.

How Long is a Dipslide Left After Testing For the Results?

Dipslides are incubated at a temperature of 30 degrees for a period of 48 hours to check for bacteria, and then a further 24 hours to check for yeasts and moulds.

This incubation period ensures that quantifiable microbacterial growth is achieved.

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