Dipslide Testing

As part of our PROCARE Fluid Management Service we offer optional dipslide testing.  Conducted in accordance with HSE guidelines, dipslide testing checks for bacterial and fungal contamination which may be present in metalworking fluids.

Once our Technical Service Engineer has collected samples on site, the dipslides are then incubated in our lab, at a temperature of 30°C. We ensure that the incubation temperature is the same each time the test is performed to ensure conditions are maintained and a fair comparison from one test to another.

The dipslide is incubated for 48 hours to check for bacteria and 72 hours for yeasts and moulds. This incubation period ensures that quantifiable microbacterial growth is achieved.

Once the incubation period has been reached, we will interpret and record the results. These results are sent to customers as an easy to read electronic report which clearly outlines any remedial actions required. Follow up visits from our Technical Service Engineer to carry out corrective actions can be arranged.

This bespoke service is designed to maximise the performance and efficiency of the fluids, and forms an essential part of HSE requirements. Dipslide testing, as part of our PROCARE Fluid Management Service also offers customers genuine cost saving benefits.

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