Coolant Monitoring System & Machine Cleaning

Coolant Monitoring & Machine Cleaning

As a user of metalworking fluids, you will be aware of the importance of maintaining your coolant with regular coolant monitoring in order to meet the latest HSE recommendations.  We offer a fluid management service that has been tailored to meet individual requirements and budgets, as well as being designed to help our customers use and maintain products efficiently, economically and safely.

If you are interested in learning more about our coolant monitoring service, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 

What is Included In Our Coolant Monitoring Service?

Our coolant monitoring service will provide you with accurate information on the condition of your coolant, helping you to comply with HSE MW05. Tailored to your individual requirements and needs, regular coolant checks from our PROCARE Service Engineers can include:

  • Coolant Monitoring – In line with the latest HSE recommendations, routine testing for dilution, pH, temperature and tramp oil general condition.
  • Dipslide Testing – Conducted in accordance with HSE guidelines; dipslide testing checks for bacterial and fungal contamination which may be present in metalworking fluids.
  • Machine Cleaning – Professional and effective deep cleaning of contaminated coolant sumps, carried out by a dedicated PROCARE service engineer.
  • Supply of Coolant Information Board – Providing a dedicated focal point for historic reports, Safety Data Sheets, HSE guidelines and machine tool sump volumes to assist with additions and remedial actions.
  • Electronic Service Reports – Reports emailed through adopting a traffic light system, highlighting systems requiring remedial actions.
  • Equipment – Advice and assistance on a full range of metalworking fluid equipment.

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants For Your Coolant Monitoring & Machine Cleaning?

Choose us to provide you with our coolant monitoring service and our experienced service engineers will ensure that not only are all essential tests are completed, but that any required remedial actions are actioned onsite. Sometimes a full machine clean is required, if so we can complete an effective deep clean of contaminated coolant sumps in just a few hours – minimising production disruption.

Coolant & Monitoring Services at Pennine Lubricants

Pennine Lubricants are here to support you with all your coolant monitoring requirements. Whether you need a full machine clean to get your coolant back in top condition, or you’d like us to take the hassle out of routine testing to meet HSE recommendations, we have a coolant monitoring service to meet your requirements and budget.


What is Coolant Management?

Coolant management is a service which determines the health of your metalworking fluids. Coolant monitoring checks include; dilution, pH, temperature, tramp oil and general condition. These checks should be taken and results recorded monthly at a minimum, and a historical record of results should be kept for five years.

How Long Does it Take to Monitor Coolant?

It can take only a few minutes to conduct some coolant monitoring checks, tramp oil is a visual assessment. pH and dilution results can also be taken and recorded quickly on site. Dipslide testing can take a little longer to determine results. samples are taken onsite, then the dipslides are incubated in our lab, at a temperature of 30°C.

Dipslides are incubated for 48 hours to check for bacteria and 72 hours for yeasts and moulds. This incubation period ensures that quantifiable micro-bacterial growth is achieved.

Is Coolant Monitoring Worth It?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) requires employers to carry our routine coolant monitoring checks to protect those exposed to metalworking fluids. Applying COSHH principles of ‘good control’ minimises the risk to the health of operatives.

Maintaining metalworking fluids not only decreases the risk to the health of operatives, but also helps to increase the life of the coolant, improves product performance and manufacturing quality and reduces waste disposal costs.

PROCARE Fluid Management Videos:
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Our PROCARE Service Engineer Conducts a Machine Clean

Learn more about pH Testing, Dilution Testing & Dipslide Testing

Our PROCARE Fluid Management Service Plans

Pre-agreed service frequency

ph & dilution testing

Results recorded

Remedial actions discussed onsite

Automatic mixers recalibrated

Dipslide testing

Supply Coolant Information Board

Monitoring reports emailed to nominated personnel

MWF best practice training & certification

Chemical storage cabinet for safe storage of system treatments

Follow up visit for remedial actions & system treatments

Supply of hand refractometers & pH testing kits

System treatments


The Enterprise service plan is relied on by many metalworking fluid users and includes tests for pH and dilution.

Purchased separately

Purchased separately

Purchased separately


The Alliance service plan includes dipslide testing and supply of a Coolant Information Board, chemical storage, training and certification for all operatives.

Purchased separately

Purchased separately

Purchased separately


The Ultimate service plan includes follow up service call for remedial actions, system treatments and supply of monitoring equipment to assist in-house testing.

Good Practice Guide for Safe Handling and Disposal of Metalworking Fluids 2.3

Each of our PROCARE service plans have been carefully developed to assist customers in meeting the latest metalworking fluid recommendations, as endorsed by the HSE. Click here to view the PDF guide.

What our customers say

Pennine Lubricants deliver an impressive service for all our lubricant needs. The coolant monitoring, and the products themselves, along with service support is second to none. All the staff are helpful, polite and supportive, and deliver to our expectations. I am very happy with what we receive, and would recommend Pennine Lubricants to others.

Pennine are more than just a supplier, they offer technical support and expertise. They provide full regular monitoring of metal working fluids and any aspects that support the safe use and operation of the oils and coolants we use on our site.

We moved to Pennine Lubricants in 2012 as we were experiencing problems with neat cutting oil from our previous supplier. The team at Pennine are really knowledge and provide an excellent service. I would definitely recommend Pennine Lubricants.

Fantastic service, Simon Cook is always offering advice and expertise when needed. He is always a great help and the products we use are second to none.

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