PROCARE Self-Serv is the easy way manage the condition of your metalworking fluids. 

Whether you have 1 machine or 30, PROCARE Self-Serv makes it easy to implement routine monthly testing with our machine coolant test kit. You take a sample from each machine and our technician will test them in our lab, reporting back to you via email on the condition of your coolant.

To find out more about PROCARE Self-Serv, get in touch with our team today.

What is Included in Our PROCARE Self-Serv Service?

PROCARE Self-Serv includes everything you need to conduct routine coolant monitoring checks, making it easy for you to monitor the condition of you coolant and comply with HSE MW05.

PROCARE Self–Serv includes:

> Training for all operatives

> Machine coolant test kit – everything you need to conduct routine testing

> Your coolant samples tested by our lab technician

> Reporting via email on the results

> Advice on any remedial actions needed

> Technical support from our knowledgeable team

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants For Your PROCARE Self-Serv Service?

Choose Pennine Lubricants to help you with testing your metalworking fluids and you’ll benefit from training for you and your team, so you understand how to take samples from your coolant, and how to interpret the results.

As a Self-Serv customer you’ll also receive monthly email reminders when it’s time to take your next set of samples and send them back to us for us to test in our machine coolant test kit. By taking control of your coolant monitoring with PROCARE Self-Serv, you’ll be getting the best out of your coolant, and also keeping your operatives safe whilst handling them.

PROCARE Self-Serv at Pennine Lubricants

PROCARE Self-Serv is a hassle-free method for testing metalworking fluids, it gives you accurate information on the condition of your fluids and assists metalworking fluid users to comply with HSE MW05.

For further information on how this service can help you maintain the condition of your coolant, please get in touch.

Case Study: John Andrews Precision Engineering Ltd

Since implementing PROCARE Self-Serv 4 months ago, John Andrews Precision Engineering Ltd have seen many positive benefits including; a reduction in the amount of coolant used as well as a reduction in monthly coolant spend. Read the full case study here.


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PROCARE Self-Serv has been carefully developed to assist customers in meeting the latest metalworking fluid recommendations, as endorsed by the HSE.

What our customers say

“Before we started using PROCARE Self-Serv we had a number of staff affected by sensitive skin, however compare that to now and they can see a massive improvement. We are now using the correct amount of cutting fluid so no money is wasted. We couldn’t be happier with the results, I wish we’d done it sooner.” Craig Wilkinson, Foreman

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