Fleet Audit Service

Fleet Audit Service

Fleet Audit Service 

If you manage a large fleet of vehicles and plant then you may benefit from our fleet audit service. One of our technical team can conduct an audit on site to determine the different grades used across all of your vehicles and make suggestions on how these products can be rationalised. Using a smaller range of oils and lubricants to keep your vehicles running can help save money and reduces the risk of miss-application. 

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What is Included in our Fleet Audit Service? 

Modern engine complexities can make lubricant selection difficult, especially when you’re maintaining a wide range of vehicles and plant. Here at Pennine Lubricants we offer a Fleet Audit service where we list in detail all the vehicles and plant you have and recommend the best products for them. Customers normally find that this helps to rationalise the number of products they stock. Some of the main features of our Fleet Audit Service include: 

  • Produce a detailed list of the products required for your vehicles and plant
  • Provide technical data sheets to indicate the relevant specifications
  • Rationalise the products you use and stock where possible
  • Provide ongoing advice and assistance for new vehicles and plan

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants?

By choosing us to conduct a fleet audit for all of your vehicles and plant, you’ll benefit from a detailed list of all vehicles and the grades currently used. We’ll then suggest the best products, with the aim of rationalising the number of products in use. Our experienced team can advise on how to rationalise the products you use and save money on your fleet management. 

We’ll also provide you with data sheets on each of the products suggested and be on hand with technical advice and support as and when you add new vehicles to your fleet. So not only will you receive expert advice, you will also have our ongoing support  as you increase your fleet of vehicles. 


What is Fleet Audit?

A fleet audit is when  one of our Technical Sales Managers assesses  and lists in detail all the vehicles and plant you have on site and recommends the best products for them.

How Do You Do Fleet Audit?

A fleet audit can be completed on site, or over the phone by a Technical Sales Manager. After listing the details of all vehicles and plant we will be able to recommend suitable products, rationalising the grades used which could save you money.

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