Lubricant Analysis

Lubricant Analysis

Lubricant Analysis 

Lubrication analysis is  an important part of our coolant monitoring service. In order to determine the health of your lubricant, and whether it is suitable for the application we would always recommend a full analysis of the lubricant. 

What is Included In Our Lubricant Analysis Service?

Our sample analysis service involves one of our technical team visiting you on-site to take an in use lubricant sample. The sample is then inspected in our laboratory, testing for contamination, additive depletion, oxidation and wear levels. This service is particularly useful for troubleshooting, helping to identify any current or potential lubrication problems.

Our lubricant analysis service includes:

  • Checks for levels of contamination
  • Helps to identify any future lubrication problems which may develop
  • Confirms whether the lubricant is suitable for further use
  • Identified problems are addressed accordingly by our Technical team

Why Choose Pennine Lubricants For Your Lubricant Analysis?

With over 30 years of experience in coolant monitoring Pennine Lubricants are your go-to lubricant analysis professionals. Lubrication analysis forms a large part of this service, and enables us to recommend the correct lubricant for your application. We also offer advice and support on preventing future lubrication problems, and can help maintain your coolant for you. By asking us to complete lubricant analysis you can be sure that our technical team will offer you the advice and support needed to maintain healthy coolant and working conditions. 

Lubricant Analysis Services at Pennine Lubricants

Lubricant analysis is part of our coolant monitoring service and ensures you have all the help and advice needed to keep your coolant in good working order. We will check for any levels of contamination, help identify any future lubrication problems which may develop, and confirms whether the lubricant is suitable for future use. For more information on how our lubrication analysis service can help you, get in touch

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