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“Thanks to Pennine Lubricants and all involved, we now have clean unstained components again & optimal tool life.  We fully trust Pennine Lubricants & would recommend their services to anybody”

Dave Wray, Managing Director – Computech Turning Ltd


Computech Turning LTD, established in 2000 are precision engineers based in Oldham.

What issue did they need solving?

Computech were experiencing problems with tramp oil and staining of aluminium components. Their supplier at the time wasn’t able to offer them solutions to these problems, so they gave us a call. Dave Wray, Managing Director of Computech wanted to get to grips with the problems they were having and be in full control of their metalworking fluids, to protect staff, but also in case they received a visit from HSE.

How did we help them solve their issue?

Our Technical Sales Manager for the area, Bob Dulieu conducted an audit of all 10 machines on site; 5 CNCs and 5 manual lathes. He considered elements such as mixing, storage, residue on and around machines, as well as doing a full bacteria and tramp oil assessment.

The audit results suggested that cleaning out all machines would get them off to a great start. Then to switch all machines to a coolant specially formulated for soft water areas; Ultrasol X-777 – perfect for machining aluminium and would not cause staining to components like their current coolant.

Computech decided to take advantage of our PROCARE Fluid Management Ultimate service, which meant they would benefit from full monthly testing completed by one of our PROCARE Engineers.

As part of their Ultimate package, a Coolant Monitoring Board has been installed so that the team can easily access historical reports and important COSHH information for each Pennine product in use. All team members have also received our Fluid Management Training so that they can spot problems as they arise and are able to take interim testing if required.

What have the outcomes been?

  • Tramp oil is now under control & is being monitored closely by staff & our engineers
  • Switching coolant to Ultrasol X-777 has eliminated the risk of components staining
  • Computech have invested in 5 Oil Skimmers & a Freddy Midi, further ensuring Tramp Oil doesn’t become an issue
  • A Mixtron unit has been installed so that topping up coolant is no longer a manual task

“Here at Computech we pride ourselves in quality, clean components, so when we started having problems with tramp oil & component staining we had to find a solution quickly. Our current supplier did not offer us the support we wanted, so we contacted Pennine Lubricants who sent in their representative Bob Dulieu. The way Bob explained everything, even the small details behind having successful well maintained coolant, was exceptional & prompted us to completely start again, using Pennine’s X777 for our coolant. We also took advantage of the monitoring service they offered us.
All of Pennine’s staff who we have had contact with (Bob Dulieu, Dale Fletcher, Craig Campbell) have managed to get us back up and running in 2 days. We now have clean unstained components again & optimal tool life.  We fully trust Pennine Lubricants & would recommend their services to anybody – thank you to all the Staff.”

Dave Wray, Managing Director – Computech Turning Ltd

If you’re experiencing similar problems to Computech and would like a bit of advice then do get in touch. Our Technical Team are on hand to help troubleshoot problems and our advice is always free! You can call 0114 285 2987 or contact us via email: [email protected]

Pennine are more than just a supplier, they offer technical support and expertise. They provide full regular monitoring of metal working fluids and any aspects that support the safe use and operation of the oils and coolants we use on our site. Kevin Martin, Health & Safety Manager, Abbey Forged Products

They offer an excellent service, are polite and offer helpful advice. Mathew Kelly, Operations Manager, Barrett Steel

The communication from Pennine is great, we are always fully informed of our order status and they always deliver on time. I have been really impressed with the quality of their oil. Mark Wood, Fitter, Betney Cop Restoration Co.

We've recently changed to Pennine Lubricants, I can't thank Bob enough for the effort and service that's provided every time we order. Always happy to do business. Mylo Charlesworth, Purchasing and Warehouse Operative, CNC

In fifteen years of dealing with Pennine Lubricants, I have found the service to be impeccable. Jeremy Gosling, Director, Fine Grinding LTD

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