Pencool Ultra S206

Pennine Pencool Ultra products represent a superior range of new generation soluble metalworking fluids free from formaldehyde release biocides designed to comply with existing and pending REACh regulations offering the highest levels of health, safety and environmental compliance.

Pencool Ultra S206 is a high performance, heavy duty semi synthetic water mix metalworking fluid primarily suited to arduous machining and grinding operations where the complex synthetic and natural ester lubricity package along with improved wetting and detergency properties produce a fluid designed to promote outstanding surface finish, improved tool life and exceptional machine cleanliness. The product incorporates a novel emulsification system producing an ultra-low foaming and long life micro emulsion.

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Features & Applications

  • Rolls Royce RRA 15721 approved

  • Formaldehyde release biocide free offering an improved H&S profile.

  • Suitable for multi metal applications on moderate to difficult duty operations

  • Outstanding lubricity promotes improved tool life and surface finish


  • Pencool Ultra S206 Safety Data Sheet240kb

  • Pencool Ultra S206 Technical Data Sheet240kb

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