Combi Dipslides x 100

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Combi dipslides are a sterile culture medium, which are used for detecting whether bacteria, yeast or moulds are present in metalworking fluids.


Dipslide testing should form part of your weekly coolant montioring checks.


Simply dip the dipslide into the coolant and then incubate to allow for controlled microbial growth. Incubating samples for 48 hours to check for bacteria, and a further 24 hours to check for yeasts and moulds.


You will need a Dipslide Incubator to perform these weekly tests.

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Features & Applications

  • Test for bacterial & fungal contamination of metalworking fluids

  • Reduce the risk of health problems in machine operatives by conducting routine dipslide testing

  • Incubate at 30 degrees for 48 hours to test for bacterial contamination

  • Incubate at 30 degrees for 72 hours to test for yeasts & moulds

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