Bioflush System Cleaner

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Bioflush System Cleaner is a biocidal/fungicidal cleaner and disinfectant fluid for use in self-contained or centralised water based coolant systems and machine tools using soluble cutting oils. Used to remove oil slime and bacterial sludge deposits inhibiting the effects of bacterial and fungal growth, including the elimination of objectionable odours.It can be used whilst the machine is in operation and thus there is no loss of production time.

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Features & Applications

  • Contains a blue dye for ease of identification when in use

  • Detergent properties help to loosen residues, dirt and grime prior to machine clean outs

  • Helps to eliminate objectionable odours quickly

  • Effectively kills bacteria and fungus to help prolong the life of new coolant


  • Bioflush System Cleaner Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Bioflush System Cleaner Safety Data Sheet240kb

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