Ultracomp H4000 D46

Ultracomp Compressor Oil H4000 D46 is recommended for the lubrication of a wide range of compressors including rotary / screw, and many rotary vane type compressors. This oil is designed to give safe, effective and reliable lubrication through the service life of the compressor up to 4000 hours. The combination of oxidation stability and detergency reduces deposit formation even in machines working under severe environmental conditions helping to maintain the performance of the compressor.

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Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from high viscosity index heat stable 100% virgin base oils

  • Highly effective detergent additive system reduces carbon deposits and maintains compressor efficiency

  • Suitable for rotary screw compressors requiring a 4000 hour drain interval lubricant

  • Outstanding oxidation resistance in arduous working environments


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