Benefits all round for John Andrews Precision Engineering Ltd

John Andrews Precision Engineering Ltd

“We send samples of the coolant off every month and within a couple of days a detailed report arrives
via e-mail. This explains what we need to do regarding dilution, fungus and bacteria levels.”
Craig Wilkinson, Foreman

Established in 1982, John Andrews Precision Engineering Ltd produce precision machined components in materials ranging from engineering plastics to heat resistant super alloys. They serve a wide range of industries including agriculture, cosmetics, utilities and automotive.

What issue did they need solving?

The company is focused on the constant improvement of machine tools and tooling, so they are in the best position possible to be able to adequately facilitate their customer’s needs. Over recent months the volume of coolant they had been using had increased dramatically, in turn increasing costs. Skin irritation had also become a problem for some machine operatives.

How did we help them solve their issue?

A member of our technical team recommended that they try PROCARE Self-Serv, our new service designed to make the monitoring of soluble metalworking fluids simple and easy.

We arranged for full training to be given to all operatives on site, showing them how to take coolant samples and perform interim checks using a refractometer.  They were shown what coolant changes to look out for and how to remedy any issues. As part of the service they were given a Coolant Monitoring Kit so that they could complete the monthly coolant checks required and send them off to our laboratory for testing. Within a few days, a ‘traffic light’ colour-coded service report is received by email, detailing any remedial actions required.

What have the outcomes been?

Since implementing a monthly sampling routine there have been several positive outcomes:

  • A 4% reduction in the volume of Pencool Ultra S206 used on site
  • A reduction in monthly coolant spend
  • Ongoing savings on coolant disposal fees
  • Operatives skin conditions have improved dramatically
  • Company is now in line with HSE guidance and COSHH


“Before we started using PROCARE Self-Serv we had a number of staff affected by sensitive skin, however
compare that to now and they can see a massive improvement. We are now using the correct
amount of cutting fluid so no money is wasted and the staff that operate the machines are happier,
so it’s a win win situation. We send samples of the coolant off every month and within a couple of days a
detailed report arrives via e-mail. This explains what we need to do regarding dilution, fungus and bacteria levels.

All in all we couldn’t be happier with the results, I wish we’d done it sooner.”

Craig Wilkinson, Foreman


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We offer a range of fluid management services which have been tailored to meet individual requirements and budgets. For further information on these services click here.  If you’d like to know more about our range of PROCARE Fluid Management services and which would be the best suited to your business, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 0114 285 2987 or email [email protected]

Pennine are more than just a supplier, they offer technical support and expertise. They provide full regular monitoring of metal working fluids and any aspects that support the safe use and operation of the oils and coolants we use on our site. Kevin Martin, Health & Safety Manager, Abbey Forged Products

They offer an excellent service, are polite and offer helpful advice. Mathew Kelly, Operations Manager, Barrett Steel

The communication from Pennine is great, we are always fully informed of our order status and they always deliver on time. I have been really impressed with the quality of their oil. Mark Wood, Fitter, Betney Cop Restoration Co.

We've recently changed to Pennine Lubricants, I can't thank Bob enough for the effort and service that's provided every time we order. Always happy to do business. Mylo Charlesworth, Purchasing and Warehouse Operative, CNC

In fifteen years of dealing with Pennine Lubricants, I have found the service to be impeccable. Jeremy Gosling, Director, Fine Grinding LTD

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