Metagrind LP

Metagrind LP has been developed for use in heavy duty form grinding operations such as flute grinding of cutting tools where high wheel speeds and feed rates are used. The main application for this product is in the grinding of solid carbide where its low viscosity combined with its high lubricity both reduce heat generated and cool the workpiece.

Other hard materials such as high-speed steel are also ground using this product where burning may be reduced significantly. The product is designed to effectively flush grinding fines from the machine helping to keep the machine clean. The low viscosity and excellent anti wear properties of this fluid also make it particularly suitable for honing operations including those on difficult materials.

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Features & Applications

  • Very light colour and low odour offering excellent work piece visibility and improved working environment

  • Exceptional detergency characteristics maintain machine cleanliness and eliminate sticky deposits & lacquers forming

  • Outstanding anti wear performance reducing instances of burning of ground parts

  • May also be used for honing applications on difficult materials


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