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Penstral GS 729 400g Ring Pull

Penstral GS 729

Premium performance high speed synthetic grease

Penstral GT 615 Grease 400g Ring Pull

Penstral GT 615 Grease

Extreme high temperature graphited synthetic grease

Penstral GT 488 400g Ring Pull

Penstral GT 488 Grease

Premium performance synthetic high temperature grease

Penstral GT 160 Lube Shuttle Cartridge

Penstral GT 160 Grease

High performance high temperature range lithium complex grease

Lithium EP Grease 400g Lube Shuttle

Lithium EP Greases

Multipurpose extreme pressure lithium based greases

Semi Fluid Grease 12.5KG

Semi Fluid EP Greases

Semi Fluid lithium based greases

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