Penstral GT 488 Grease

Penstral GT488 is a premium performance fully synthetic lubricating grease specially developed for wide temperature ranges and high load areas of application. Designed to withstand high temperatures over extended periods without leaving dry residues associated with conventional high temperature greases. Offering high load carrying capability and including PTFE to reduce friction and self-generating temperatures, it has excellent resistance to oxidation and excellent corrosion protection and is suitable for continuous use from -50oC to 220oC+.

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Features & Applications

  • Very high temperature high load fully synthetic lubricating grease

  • Extends bearing life and re-lubrication intervals compared to conventional high temperature greases

  • Contains PTFE offering outstanding lubricity characteristics

  • Suitable to applications prone to severe vibration


  • Penstral GT 488 Grease Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Penstral GT 488 Grease Safety Data Sheet240kb

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