Penstral GT 615 Grease

Penstral GT615 Grease is an extreme temperature, medium consistency, plain and rolling element bearing grease for applications at operating temperatures up to 615oC. It is manufactured from a fully synthetic base fluid with a dispersion of very fine particle size graphite. At moderate temperatures Penstral GT615 behaves like an conventional grease, however, at extreme high temperatures the base fluid evaporates cleanly without leaving any abrasive deposits and imparts a graphite lubricating film reducing component wear and maintenance costs.

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Features & Applications

  • Extreme temperature grease containing synthetic base oil

  • Unrivaled high temperature performance

  • Significantly increases component life and extends re-lubrication intervals

  • Economical in use as only a small amount of product needs to be applied


  • Penstral GT 615 Grease Technical Data Sheet240kb

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