Unipower SAE Oils

Unipower Oils are a range of monograde engine oils. They are manufactured from heat stable, high viscosity index, solvent refined base oils with a balance of anti-oxidant, anti-wear and detergent-dispersant additives. Pennine Unipower Oils are recommended for petrol and diesel engines both naturally aspirated and turbocharged fitted to on and off highway equipment. These products are often recommended for certain hydraulic, transmission and torque converter applications and may be used in certain air compressors.

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Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from high quality heat stable high viscosity index 100% virgin base oils

  • Suitable for naturally aspirated and turbocharge petrol and diesel engines

  • Recommended for use in certain hydraulic, transmission and torque converter applications

  • High levels of anti-wear, anti-oxidant and detergent-dispersant additives for maximum protection


  • Unipower SAE Oils Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Unipower SAE 10w Safety Data Sheet240kb

  • Unipower SAE 30w Safety Data Sheet240kb

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