Ultrasol MLS 877

Ultrasol MLS 877 is a full synthetic, low foaming water soluble machining fluid designed for use in moderate to heavy-duty applications. Ultrasol MLS 877 forms a translucent solution when mixed with water offering excellent work piece visibility. The additive chemistry used in the product ensures excellent performance particularly at elevated temperatures whereby the heat activated polymers provide outstanding performance at the tool/work-piece interface. The product exhibits excellent detergency keeping machine tools clean and reducing sticky deposits compared with many products of its type. Ultrasol MLS 877 is highly resistant to bacterial attack and contains an effective fungicide additive promoting long sump life and reducing objectionable odours.

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Features & Applications

  • Forms a transparent solution offering excellent work piece visibility

  • Outstanding extreme pressure performance for arduous machining techniques

  • Chlorine free formulation improves environmental profile and reduces disposal costs

  • Low odour and low foaming in soft water


  • Ultrasol MLS 877 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Ultrasol MLS 877 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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