Ultragrade SAE 15w/40

Ultragrade SAE 15W/40 Motor Oil is a high specification crankcase lubricant designed to cater for naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and petrol engines, making it the ideal choice for mixed fleet applications. Manufactured from heat stable, high viscosity index solvent refined base oils with a balance of anti-oxidant, anti-wear, and detergent-dispersant additives, along with a shear stable viscosity index improver giving easier starting, reduced deposits and extended engine and component life.

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Features & Applications

  • Suitable for standard drain mixed fleet applications

  • Good cold start performance and stay in grade properties at higher temperatures

  • Suitable for use in trucks, buses, vans, tractors, plant and certain industrial equipment

  • Recommended for turbo and non turbo petrol and diesel engines


  • Ultragrade SAE 15w/40 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Ultragrade SAE 15w/40 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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