Super Mould Oil

Super Mould Oil is a low viscosity concrete mould release agent formulated from non-hazardous raw materials. This product is classed as a chemical mould release agent as it includes specially designed components to help to “chemically” release the casting from the mould or form.

Available pack sizes

  • 1000 litre IBC
  • Bulk
  • 205 litre
  • 25 litre
  • 5 litre
  • 1 litre

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Features & Applications

  • Low odour product providing an improved working environment

  • Economical in use due to the products low viscosity

  • Can be applied by brush, spray or swab

  • Chemically advanced formulation provides improved release properties and smooth surface finish

  • Suitable for steel, wood and most rubber moulds


  • Super Mould Oil Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Super Mould Oil Safety Data Sheet240kb

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