Spark Erosion Fluid A & K

Pennine Spark Erosion Fluids are high quality metalworking fluids designed for use in Electrical Discharge Machines. Available in two viscosities, they are particularly suitable for the fine finishing of small holes and cavities and ensure the efficient flushing of eroded particles away from the spark zone.

Spark erosion Fluid “K” is used primarily as a dielectric fluid for spark erosion but can be used for pressing, spinning and reaming alloys and some free cutting bronzes.

Spark Erosion Fluid “A” is also used as a dielectric fluid for spark erosion and has a higher flash point. It is used successfully to hone cast iron and in the high speed precision machining of non-ferrous metals.

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Features & Applications

  • High performance mineral oil based EDM fluids

  • Suitable for fine and rough spark erosion techniques

  • Low viscosity and low odour fluids

  • Excellent flushing characteristics removes particles from spark zone


  • Spark Erosion Fluids Technical Data Sheet240kb

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