Solvent Degreasing Fluid

Solvent Degreasing Fluid is a powerful solvent based, self-emulsifying, diphase degreaser. It has excellent wetting and penetrating properties and it’s carefully selected balance of surfactants gives it excellent cleaning efficiency. This product not only efficiently removes oil and grease but also effectively tackles most greasy dirt deposits. It works by dissolving oil, grease and soluble dirt and by suspending and dispersing insoluble dirt particles. The product is easily rinsed of with water the course emulsion formed when the product is rinsed with water will separate, if allowed to stand, for ease of disposal.

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Features & Applications

  • Excellent penetrating properties efficiently removes oil and grease

  • Contains an emulsifier so cleaned parts may be rinsed with water if desired

  • Suitable for use in parts washers or may be used manually

  • For best results allow product to soak first


  • Solvent Degreasing Fluid Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Solvent Degreasing Fluid Safety Data Sheet240kb

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