Rustguard Waxcoat

Rustguard Waxcoat is a solvent deposited waxy film rust preventative. It provides medium and long term protection to steel components and surfaces by providing both a physical and chemical barrier against rust.

When applied, it dries to form a tenacious waxy film which repels water, provides a barrier between the steel surface and any corrosive environment and helps to neutralise any corrosive agents in contact with the protected surface. Once applied, this product is designed not to run or sag even at moderately high temperatures.

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Features & Applications

  • Long term corrosion protection for ferrous components

  • Solvent deposited formulation leaves a stiff waxy film on drying

  • Suitable for long term indoor and covered outdoor protection

  • Particularly suited for use on vehicle underbodies of heritage vehicles


  • Rustguard Waxcoat Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Rustguard Waxcoat Safety Data Sheet240kb

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