Quaker Quakercool 7350 BFF

Quaker Quakercool 7350 BFF is a high performance micro-emulsion ideally suited to all operations where high surface finish quality and high lubrication is needed. Ideal for general purpose machining of most engineering materials.

Recommended for light to medium metalworking operations on cast iron, steel and aluminium.

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Features & Applications

  • Formaldehyde, boron and secondary amine free improving H&S profile

  • Forms very stable emulsions in soft and hard make up waters

  • Outstanding anti foam properties in high pressure coolant systems

  • Improved machine cleanliness and reduced sticky deposits compared to boron containing products


  • Quaker Quakercool 7350 BFF Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Quaker Quakercool 7350 BFF Safety Data Sheet240kb

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