Pensyn XHP Gear Oils

Pensyn XHP Synthetic Gear Oils are premium quality lead-free low friction gear oils formulated using polyalpha-olefin technology oils providing high load carrying capacity and good anti -friction characteristics across a very wide temperature range. They offer exceptional oxidation stability giving longer service life at high temperatures and speeds, very low pour point and high viscosity index enabling them to be used at a very wide temperature range and excellent compatibility with mineral oil based lubricants making changeover much easier than with many other synthetic lubricants.

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Features & Applications

  • Based on full synthetic poly alpha olefin technology

  • Exceptional oxidation resistance at continuously elevated temperatures

  • Miscible with mineral oils for ease of changeover

  • Very high load and anti friction capacity extends component life


  • Pensyn XHP Gear Oils Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Pensyn XHP Gear Oils Safety Data Sheet240kb

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