Penclean Parts Wash Fluid

Parts Wash Fluid is a powerful solvent based degreasing fluid designed for use in parts washers employing fluid recirculation systems. It has excellent wetting and penetrating properties and efficiently removes oil and greasy dirt deposits. It works by dissolving oil, grease and soluble dirt and by suspending and dispersing insoluble dirt particles. When returned to the static tank, the solid dirt contaminants quickly separate out along with any moisture which quickly demulsifies allowing recirculation of degreasant.

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Features & Applications

  • Suitable for use in manual and automatic parts washer systems

  • Excellent cleaning and degreasing properties using powerful solvent based formulation

  • Quickly separates out dirt and contaminants in static tanks

  • Repels water quickly


  • Penclean Parts Wash Fluid Technical Data Sheet240kb

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