Metacut GD-B

Metacut GD-B is a low viscosity, very high performance neat cutting oil based on highly refined virgin mineral oil incorporating surface active extreme pressure additives along with high performance lubricity improvers and non-staining sulphur containing esters. It is recommended for use in deep hole boring, thread grinding, honing and broaching of difficult high tensile materials & stainless steels. Metacut GD-B exhibits excellent oxidation stability ensuring a long and trouble free service life even under arduous conditions whilst the complex extreme pressure package offers improved tool life and surface finish. The fluids low viscosity ensures excellent oil penetration and reduces drag out to a minimum.

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Features & Applications

  • Low viscosity extreme pressure formulation for arduous machining applications

  • Manufactured from high quality solvent refined 100% virgin base oils

  • Light colour and low odour offers excellent operator acceptability and improved working environment

  • Heavy duty product suitable for gun drilling, deep hole boring, gear cutting and broaching


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