Hydraulic Oils HMAF

HM AF Hydraulic Oils are Zinc free fluids developed for use in most hydraulic power and control systems. Manufactured from heat stable high viscosity index solvent refined base oils, they incorporate Zinc free, ashless additives to improve the anti-wear performance, oxidation resistance, protection from corrosion, air release and anti-foaming tendencies. When compared to conventional hydraulic oils the HM AF range offer better hydrolytic stability, demulsability and filterability whilst maintaining good antiwear performance for pump and gear protection.

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Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from high viscosity index, heat stable 100% virgin base oils

  • Zinc free ashless additive system offering improved filterability

  • Outstanding anti oxidant and anti wear performance

  • Available in a wide range of viscosities to suit all applications


  • Hydraulic Oil HM AF Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Hydraulic Oil HM AF Safety Data Sheet240kb

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