Heavy Duty Orange Hand Cleaner

Heavy Duty Orange Hand Cleaner is a liquid orange skin cleanser designed to remove the most severe industrial grime, oil and grease in complete safety. The product is solvent free and can be used safely day after day. It leaves no residue on the hands after use, has a pleasant orange scent and contains special emollient ingredients to maintain good skin condition. This hand cleaner contains corn scrub which, when massaged onto the skin, acts like a scrubbing brush to aid skin cleansing. Heavy Duty Orange Hand Cleaner may be used effectively in either hot or cold water.

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Features & Applications

  • Solvent free formulation and contains an emollient to keep skin soft

  • Contains corn scrub to gently dislodge ingrained dirt, oil and grease

  • Mild orange fragrance


  • Heavy Duty Orange Hand Cleanser Technical Data Sheet240kb

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