Gearsyn FS 75w/90

Gearsyn FS 75w/90 gear oil is a full synthetic, high performance, multipurpose automotive gear lubricant. Formulated using the finest quality synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks with an inherently high viscosity index combined with carefully chosen extreme pressure additives to give the required performance characteristics to ensure long and trouble free component and oil service life.

It offers reduced fuel consumption, enhanced oxidative and thermal stability, smoother gear changes, long service life and opportunities for grade rationalisation over standard SAE 75w/80, 80w/90, 85w/90 and 90 gear oils.

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Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from full synthetic base stocks

  • Improved performance at extremes of temperature

  • Meets API GL-5 classification

  • Offers potential for improved fuel economy


  • Gearsyn FS 75w/90 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Gearsyn FS 75w/90 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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