Airline Oil

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Airline Oil

Airline Oil is a pneumatic tool lubricant applied via the compressed air supply. This gradem is based on highly refined mineral oil and exhibits good oxidation resistance, rust inhibition and multi-metal compatibility along with excellent hydrolytic stability and demulsibility. Our airline oil is manufactured from high viscosity index heat stable 100% virgin base oil.


Why Do You Need Airline Oil? 


If you require a lubricant for pneumatic tools, compressed air systems, valves and related equipment for airlines then our airline oil is blended with special additives to prevent against rust and corrosion. It’s excellent misting properties provide effective system lubrication. 

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Features & Applications

  • Suitable for use in airlines & pneumatic tools

  • Manufactured from high viscosity index heat stable 100% virgin base oil

  • Excellent misting properties providing effective system lubrication

  • Superior corrosion protection


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