Sample Analysis

Sample Analysis

Our sample analysis service involves one of our Technical team visiting you on-site to take an in use lubricant sample. The sample is then inspected in our laboratory, testing for contamination, additive depletion, oxidation and wear levels. This service is particularly useful for troubleshooting, helping to identify any current or potential lubrication problems.

Routine sampling can be integrated into planned maintenance schedules and help to determine wear levels within lubrication systems. The service offers potential cost savings by highlighting premature wear helping to reduce the risk of component failure or mechanical breakdown.

  • Checks for levels of contamination
  • Helps to identify any future lubrication problems which may develop
  • Confirms whether the lubricant is suitable for further use
  • Identified problems are addressed accordingly by our Technical team

If you would like further information on our Procare Fluid Management service, or our sample analysis service in particular, then please call 0114 285 2987, or alternatively complete our simple enquiry form below and we will be in touch.

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