Quaker Quakercool 7101 LF RR

High performance micro-emulsion ideally suited to all operations where high surface finish quality is a major requirement. It is especially developed for demanding machining operations on aluminium. Recommended for all machining operations on steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys.

Available pack sizes

  • 925 kg IBC
  • 190 kg

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Features & Applications

  • Rolls Royce approved CSS 129 & 131

  • Exceptional detergency characteristics maintains machine cleanliness

  • Very low foaming in soft water and high pressure coolant systems

  • Chlorine free extreme pressure performance for improved tool life and surface finish


  • Quaker Quakercool 7101 LF RR Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Quaker Quakercool 7101 LF RR Safety Data Sheet240kb

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