Quaker Quakercool 3750

Quakercool 3750

Quaker Quakercool 3750 is a water dilutable semi-synthetic metalworking fluid with a high mineral oil content, suitable for traditional machining and grinding operations on cast-iron and steel.

The technology combines exceptional detergency with high lubricating properties mainly due to a carefully selected base oil package.

Quakercool 3750 is recommended for general machining and grinding operations on steel and cast iron. Quakercool 3750 should be stored in dry conditions and protected from extreme temperatures, between  4 – 35°C is the recommended storage temperature.

Concentration range: 4 – 10 % depending on type of operation. Make up water hardness: 50 – 360 ppm (5 – 36 °TH, 2 – 20 °DH)


Why Do You Need Quakercool 3750?

If your application involves; turning, milling, drilling, tapping-threading, reaming, sawing or grinding, Quakercool 3750 may be suitable. If a semi-synthetic fluid with a high mineral oil content is needed then Quakercool 3750 could be suitable for your application. Speak to our technical team about your application and we can recommend the best product for you. 

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Features & Applications

  • Formaldehyde and chlorine free formulation for improved H&S profile

  • Exceptional detergency particularly on grinding operations

  • Highly biostable formulation offering long predictable sump life

  • Low foaming in soft water make up areas


  • Quaker Quakercool 3750 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Quaker Quakercool 3750 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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