PROCARE Push Button Soluble Oil Mixer Units

Pennine PROCARE Push Button Mixer Units are a range of venturi type chemical mixing valves ideally suited for mixing chemical concentrates with water prior to use such as water mix metalworking fluids and industrial cleaners.

The units incorporate an air gap designed to reduce the risk of chemicals back syphoning into the mains water system and accurately dose chemical concentrates with water eliminating skin contact with potentially harmful substances.

PROCARE Push Button Mixers are available in either single or double button options. The double button version allows for two different dilutions to be produced from one concentrate or for the mixing of two different products from one mixer unit.

Available pack sizes

  • Each

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Features & Applications

  • Incorporates an air gap to reduce the risk of chemicals back siphoning in to mains water

  • Available in 1 or 2 button versions

  • Accurately mixes metalworking fluids improving performance

  • Eliminates manual handling of potentially hazardous metalworking fluid concentrates


  • PROCARE Push Button Mixer Unit Technical Data Sheet240kb

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