PROCARE Coolant Test Kit 2

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Our PROCARE Coolant Test Kit 2 includes everything you need to conduct routine testing of your metalworking fluids.


Your coolant monitoring carry case includes a hand refractometer, which is a handheld, lightweight, portable instrument used to determine the concentration of water soluble fluids such as machine tool coolants and heat treatment fluids.


A box of 100 pH test strips, which will enable you to easily determine the pH of your coolant. A Cultura Dipslide Incubator to test for bacterial and fungal contamination, plus, 1 x box of Combi Dipslides. As well as a temperature and total dissolved solids meter.


Pack size/Volume

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Features & Applications

  • One Self-Serv Coolant Monitoring Carry Case to store your kit

  • A Hand Refractometer to check coolant dilution rates

  • 1 x box of pH Test Sticks - 7-14 pH, containing 100 sticks

  • 1 x Cultura Dipslide Incubator, which holds up to 18 dipslides & 1 x Box of Combi Dipslides

  • 1 x Temperature & Total Dissolved Solids Meter

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