PROCARE C-Thru Tramp Oil Separator

The PROCARE C-Thru® Separator is a unique, patented unit designed to remove solid and liquid contamination from coolants and cleaners throughout the metalworking and pretreatment industries. Contaminants such as a hydraulic, slideway, headstock oils and rust preventatives continually enter the metal working and cleaning fluids from the machine itself or parts being processed in the application.

The PROCARE C-Thru® Separator is compact and portable with installation made simple by attaching directly to the machine utilising the magnetic base provided. A float connected to a pump (electric or air) draws the contaminate oil from the surface or fluid. The tramp oil is separated and remains in the C-Thru® Separator where it can be drained off by opening the valve.

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Features & Applications

  • Extends fluid life by effectively removing tramp oils from the surface of the coolant

  • Available as a dedicated or mobile unit, electric or air operated

  • Reduces bacterial infection by removing tramp oils and constantly aerating the fluid

  • Health & Safety benefits due to reduced need for biocide additions and reduces risk of smoking


  • PROCARE C-Thru Tramp Oil Separator 1240kb

  • PROCARE C-Thru Tramp Oil Separator 2240kb

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