Pencool H250

Pencool H250 has been developed to have true “multi metal” compatibility making it an ideal rationalisation product where a wide range of materials are machined. However, due to the exceptional levels of lubricity exhibited, Pencool H250 is particularly suited to applications where outstanding surface finish and maximised tool life are required in particular the machining of sensitive aerospace grade aluminium’s and the machining of titanium, nickel alloys, and other exotic materials. Pencool H250 is also suitable for use in applications where a very low foaming product is required such as through spindle coolant employed on modern CNC machines and is tolerant of hard water in areas where scum and soap formation may be problematic with other coolants.

Available pack sizes

  • 1000 litre IBC
  • 205 litre
  • 25 litre
  • 5 litre

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Features & Applications

  • Exceptional lubricity offering improved tool life and surface finish on difficult to machine materials

  • Hard water stable & low foaming in high pressure coolant systems

  • Improved detergency maintains machine cleanliness & reduces sticky deposits

  • Non staining on all aluminiums


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