Eurosyn SFE 10w/40

Eurosyn SFE 10w/40 is a high performance, full synthetic, heavy duty diesel engine oil. The product utilises a blend of full synthetic severely hydrotreated base stock, viscosity index improver, pour point depressant and a powerful state of the art performance system offering the user ultimate engine protection even under the most severe operating conditions.

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Features & Applications

  • Recommended for Euro 4, 5 & 6 engines

  • Suitable for extended drain intervals in accordance with vehicle manufacturer recommendations

  • Heavy duty full synthetic formulation offers maximised fuel economy performance

  • Outstanding cold start performance and stay in grade properties at elevated temperatures


  • Eurosyn SFE 10w/40 Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Eurosyn SFE 10w/40 Safety Data Sheet240kb

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