CNC OS2 Tramp Oil Skimmer

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The CNC OS2 Tramp Oil Skimmer is a portable device, designed to remove oil that has contaminated the surface of coolant. Tramp oil skimmers are easy to install and are an effective way to remove tramp oil.


Tramp oil is formed as a result of slideway, hydraulic and spindle lubricants which can contaminate coolant tanks. This tramp oil floats to the surface of the coolant and provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to form. It is important to remove this tramp oil to improve the condition of the coolant, and reduce the risk of health problems, such as dermatitis in operators


The articulated arm clamps onto the sump and the belt is immersed into the coolant. As the belt travels in a loop, the tramp oil clings to the belt, the tramp oil is then removed from the belt by the skimming element and removed from the system via the hose attachment.


Tramp oil removal should form part of your coolant monitoring routine. For further information on fluid management then get in touch with our technical team.

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Features & Applications

  • Simple & effective way of removing contaminating oils from coolant sump

  • Easy to install & can be used at any angle as mounted on an 360 degree articulated arm

  • 150 - 4500mm belt drop length

  • Power supply voltage 240V - 110V AC


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