Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil 

Our biodegradable chainsaw oils (medium and heavy) are specially developed environmentally friendly chainsaw chain and cutter bar lubricants. They are manufactured from vegetable derived base oils and incorporate advanced additives to ensure good anti-corrosion and adhesion properties. These chainsaw oils are 98% biodegradable and non phytotoxic.

Why Do You Need Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil? 

If you are working in an environmentally sensitive area, the non-scorching and biodegradable properties of biodegradable chainsaw oil are a great advantage in most chainsaw applications, particularly forestry and work near watercourses. The low pour points of these products mean that they are suitable for use at very low temperatures.

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Features & Applications

  • Manufactured from stable, vegetable based biodegradable base oil

  • Contains effective biodegradable "anti-fling" and "tackiness" additives protecting chains and cutter bars

  • Suitable for use near watercourses & in environmentally sensitive areas

  • Low pour point offers excellent pumpability in low temperatures


  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil Technical Data Sheet240kb

  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil Safety Data Sheet240kb

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