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CSW20 Traffic Film Remover

Designed to generate a rich foam when used with foaming equipment, to lift off of dirty film & grime from vehicles.

Masterclean CDS PD

Masterclean CDS PD is supplied in pre-diluted form to provide a powerful cleaning action on walls, floors & more.

Microclean 130AL

A low foaming medium duty cleaner, ideal for use on aluminium, brass & copper.

Commando FSD

Heavy duty, low foaming floor cleaner which provides effective cleaning of concrete floors.

Fleetshine HF20

Fleetshine HF20 is a long lasting, ultra high foam, traffic film remover. Suitable for coaches, buses, HGVs, vans & cars.

ETW Traffic Film Remover

ETW Traffic film remover is designed for use where frequent washing of vehicles is needed.

Multirange SL

Multirange SL

Universal "4 in 1" maintenance workshop lubricant

Penclean Parts Wash Fluid

Penclean Parts Wash Fluid

Solvent based parts washing and degreasing fluid

Penclean Safetysolve 61

Penclean Safetysolve 61

Non flammable high performance solvent based degreasing fluid

Solvent Degreasing Fluid

Solvent Degreasing Fluid

Water soluble powerful solvent based degreasing fluid

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